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About Us - Media Freedom creates uniquely designed greeting cards and custom wedding stationery, invitations, birth announcements and art for the home. We also offer branding and graphic design services. Based in Perth, WA.

The Media Freedom Story

Hi, I’m Michelle,

I’m a wife, mum and a designer. I’m also an art, travel & music lover and all round creative type. I have always loved arty, pretty things, especially those made of (or on) paper! I remember loving stationery shops, paper, pens and anything art related as a child.
I grew up in beautiful Yamba, on the far north coast of NSW. I remain a beach lover at heart, although I am currently based in Perth city.

I studied art and printmaking at The University of Sydney before working in publishing, designing the pages of some glossy magazines. I traveled the world before settling in sunny Perth where I (worked part time at the Zoo) started as a freelance designer and created Media Freedom.

My affinity for beautiful paper meant I always keep paper things I receive, I saw there was a need for more individuality and beauty in these keepsakes.
This lead me to a dream of creating a unique greeting card company, a dream I chase today.
Media Freedom was created from a love for design, illustration and paper... why, yes of course I hear you say!
But it goes deeper than that my friends, what you will see here, is a little piece of my heart on a card, on many cards.
These unique cards have been created out of need, from the many moments in my life.
Relationships & friendships are the most important aspect of of our lives, and so Media Freedoms' purpose is to simply nourish those. 
And so with a teeny piece of paper make 'your people' feel something special. 
Seeing people love and keep my artworks (as small as greeting cards) is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. 

I'd love to hear your feedback, and make a few cyber friends. Please make sure you join our mailing list &/or follow us on Instagram
for updates to our range & any exciting upcoming events. Thanks for stopping by!


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